Exciting Events in Pacific Heights, San Francisco this May 2024

Exciting Events in Pacific Heights, San Francisco this May 2024

  • Charles Jacob
  • 05/1/24

Exciting Events in Pacific Heights, San Francisco this May 2024

This May, Pacific Heights is your gateway to an array of captivating events and vibrant happenings in San Francisco. From symphony performances to contemporary ballet, and from community gatherings to the thrill of the Kentucky Derby, the neighborhood is bustling with cultural and social activities. Whether you're a local or a visitor, these events offer a perfect blend of entertainment, art, and community engagement, promising something for everyone in this illustrious part of the city. Join us as we explore the top events that make Pacific Heights a focal point for San Francisco’s spring calendar.

San Francisco Symphony Performances (May 1, 2-4, 22-25):

The San Francisco Symphony offers a diverse range of performances, often incorporating unique themes and collaborations that showcase both classical and contemporary works. In May 2024, the symphony features an exciting lineup including film classics accompanied by live orchestral performances. Some of the highlights include "The Wizard of Oz," "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back," and other film scores performed live alongside screenings. These events provide a dynamic fusion of visual and musical arts, catering to both movie enthusiasts and classical music aficionados alike. These performances are held at the prestigious Davies Symphony Hall, a renowned venue known for its architectural beauty and superior acoustics.

For specific dates, program details, and ticketing information, you can visit the San Francisco Symphony's official website: San Francisco Symphony.

A Taste of TEL HI 2024 (May 3):

"A Taste of TEL HI 2024" is an annual event that brings together influential business leaders, local politicians, and community-minded individuals to support the future of San Francisco's children. Held at Oracle Park, this event is part of the broader efforts by TEL HI (Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center) to provide essential community services and programs aimed at nurturing the potential of children, youth, and families in the area.

The gathering is not just a fundraiser but also a celebration of the community's commitment to educational and developmental opportunities for the youth. Attendees can expect a blend of networking opportunities, presentations, and perhaps local cuisine, reflecting the community's diversity and vibrancy. This event is an excellent opportunity for those looking to engage with and contribute to vital community causes while enjoying an evening at one of San Francisco's iconic venues.

For more details or to participate in the event, you can visit the official TEL HI website.

Smuin Contemporary Ballet (Starting May 3):

Smuin Contemporary Ballet is renowned for its innovative and captivating performances that blend classical ballet with modern dance. In May 2024, Smuin is celebrating the conclusion of its 30th anniversary season with "Dance Series 2," a program that highlights the company's versatility and artistic vision. The series kicks off at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and then travels to other venues in Mountain View, Walnut Creek, and Carmel, offering a range of performances that promise to engage and inspire audiences.

"Dance Series 2" is expected to showcase a mix of choreography that includes both new works and reprisals of audience favorites, all performed by Smuin's talented dancers. This series is a testament to the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of dance through creative expression and technical excellence.

For more details on the performance schedule, ticketing, and additional information about Smuin Contemporary Ballet's 30th anniversary celebrations, you can visit their official website: Smuin Contemporary Ballet.

Kentucky Derby at Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Garden (May 4):

The Kentucky Derby at Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Gardens is a standout event in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, celebrating the iconic "Run for the Roses." Scheduled for May 4, 2024, this event marks the 150th anniversary of the Kentucky Derby and is known as the West Coast’s largest Derby party. Held at the scenic Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate, the celebration features a blend of Southern cuisine, award-winning wines, and live entertainment. Guests can enjoy fashion contests and live viewing of the Kentucky Derby races on large screens, making it a festive and stylish affair.

This event not only offers a taste of the Derby spirit far from Churchill Downs but also showcases the elegance and hospitality of Kendall-Jackson, making it a unique and memorable way to experience the first leg of the Triple Crown. For those interested in attending or learning more about this celebratory event, additional details can be found on the Kendall-Jackson website: Kentucky Derby at Kendall-Jackson.

SFJAZZ Gala & After Party (May 9 and 11-12): 

The SFJAZZ Gala & After Party is a prestigious event scheduled for May 9 and 11-12, 2024, celebrating jazz music and its significant cultural impact. This gala is not only a highlight in the San Francisco music scene but also a key fundraiser for SFJAZZ's artistic and educational programs. The 2024 event honors Patti Austin, a Grammy Award-winning artist, with the SFJAZZ Lifetime Achievement Award. Following the award ceremony, Austin will perform across three shows, bringing her remarkable talents to the forefront of this celebration.

Held at the SFJAZZ Center, the event includes a gala concert, a festive after-party, and a series of performances that feature a blend of renowned musicians and up-and-coming artists. This gathering of jazz enthusiasts and supporters is a crucial part of maintaining and expanding the vibrant jazz community in San Francisco.

For those interested in attending or supporting the SFJAZZ Gala, you can find more information and purchase tickets through the SFJAZZ website: SFJAZZ Gala & After Party.

Carnaval San Francisco (May 25 & 26):

Carnaval San Francisco is a vibrant and colorful celebration that takes place in the Mission District, bringing together Latin American and Caribbean cultures. Scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, May 25-26, 2024, this festival is one of the city’s most spirited and anticipated events. The highlight of Carnaval is its grand parade on Sunday morning, which features a stunning array of floats, costumes, and dance troupes performing to rhythmic music that fills the streets with energy and joy.

The festival also includes two days of live music, dancing, arts and crafts, and delicious food from various vendors, creating a lively street fair atmosphere. This celebration not only honors the diverse cultures that it represents but also brings together the community in a display of unity and creativity.

Carnaval San Francisco offers a fantastic opportunity for attendees to experience the rich cultural heritage and festive traditions of the Latin American and Caribbean communities. For more details about participating or attending, you can visit the official Carnaval San Francisco website: Carnaval San Francisco.

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