• Charles Jacob
  • 02/19/18

One of the greatest assets anyone can have is home ownership. Just like any other investment the investor has to ensure that their investment increases in value. For your home this can be done through home improvements. However, the key is to incorporate the best home improvements that cost the least amount of money. Plus, if they are simple it means saving time.

Focus on The Most Important Rooms First

To increase home value quickly and effectively start with the rooms that are most important in any home.  These are normally the kitchen and the bathrooms.

For the Kitchen:

A total overhaul of the kitchen is necessary. Look for small upgrades that can increase its functionality. A simple approach would be purchasing a rolling island.  Above this could be a hanging pot rack. The final touch could be a new coat of paint. These three upgrades are affordable. Yet, they can transform the kitchen into a whole new look without a major expense. The updated modern look automatically increases the home value.

For the Bathrooms:

The bathrooms are viewed more than just for their functionality. Many look at this room in the home as one that allows for a getaway. They want it to have all of the same attributes that a spa would have. It doesn’t mean that the room has to be gutted to achieve this. A coat of paint in tones that are relaxing is a good first step. Changing the faucets to ones that are more elaborate makes a big difference. Then using wall lighting to set the ambiance is going to be a big winner.

A Simple But Effective Paint Job

Home value can be increased simply by creating a flow from one room to another. The easiest way to do this is through the use of paint. It doesn’t mean that every room has to be the same color. What is effective is using one color family then capitalizing on the different tones and hues the color family possesses. It creates a whole new look for each room, but allows for a flow from room to room. At the same time small repairs to the walls can make a huge difference to the value of the home. These are easy to do at the same time the painting projects are being done.

Capitalize on the Lighting

The modern day home has good variations in lighting for each room. There is the lighting that is used for functionality. Then there is the lighting that is used for ambiance. Older homes may not have all this lighting built into it. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be accomplished with a few simple home improvements.

Natural lighting is highly important. It can be expensive to change windows. However using what windows exist to their greatest potential will easily help increase home value. Focus on the window dressings. Ensuring they allow enough light in through the day, but give privacy when needed.

It can be difficult to know how to make cost effective home improvements to increase home value. Relying on the right resources can make a dramatic difference to increasing the value without spending a fortune to do this. An experienced real estate agent is one of the best resources to help accomplish this. These few ideas listed here are just a few of many that can add value to a home.

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