Things To Do And See In Cow Hollow, San Francisco

Things To Do And See In Cow Hollow, San Francisco

  • Charles Jacob
  • 02/2/24

Cow Hollow in San Francisco is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, offering a unique blend of historic charm, modern amenities, and a bustling social scene. Here's an elaboration on the myriad activities and attractions that make Cow Hollow a must-visit destination:

Shopping and Dining

  • Union Street: This is the main shopping area, bustling with boutique and brand name stores. You can find everything from stylish clothing at Closet 1951, high-end European shoes at Dantone Boutique, to trendy women's fashion at Ambiance​​.
  • Dining: The neighborhood is known for its excellent dining options. Roam Artisan Burgers for gourmet burgers, The Italian Homemade Company for handmade pasta, and Perry's on Union for classic American dishes are just a few favorites​​.

Unique Experiences

  • Painted Ladies: Cow Hollow boasts a higher concentration of these ornately painted Victorian houses, offering a picturesque walk and plenty of photo opportunities​​.
  • St. Vincent De Paul and The Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin: Both churches are architectural gems, with St. Mary housing what is believed to be the last remaining spring in Cow Hollow​​.


Relaxation and Leisure

  • Cow Hollow is also known for its sidewalk cafes, sumptuous spas, and the most up-to-date fitness studios, many housed in beautiful Victorian buildings​​.

Whether you're interested in shopping, dining, exploring historical sites, or simply soaking up the local San Francisco vibe, Cow Hollow has something to offer. The neighborhood's mix of modern amenities and historical charm makes it a must-visit for anyone in San Francisco.


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