Tips for Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

Tips for Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

  • 03/18/22

Gloria Carlson, senior designer at Harrell Remodeling in Palo Alto, shared some recommendations homeowners should consider before embarking on a pet-friendly remodel.

Ask yourself questions

According to Carlson, it's important to consider both your pet's needs as well as your own needs. She encourages homeowners to think about things like where their pet sleeps, what their storage needs are and how animals are bathed at home. When designing a space, these are usually the things that designers seek to address, she said. Considering these questions will help you create a custom space that eliminates pain points.

Think about materials

When considering the inclusion of pet-friendly features in your home remodel, Carlson said don't forget to incorporate materials that are durable and easy-to-clean. She said scratch-resistant flooring is one of the bigger features to consider when looking at materials being used in your remodel.

Make safety a priority

Keeping pets safe and secure when visitors arrive is another consideration. Is a separate pet-friendly room needed, or will separators that keep animals away from guests a preferred option? "Most pets need to be securely separated at some point," she said. "Is that with doors and other planning or a crate within a room?"

Incorporate features into a larger remodel

Since pet-friendly inclusions are often part of a larger remodel, Carlson said homeowners should see these projects as an opportunity to improve an obstacle within the home. "Most often people aren't doing a kitchen remodel for their pets," she said, "but it can be something that in some way solves pet-related issues."

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