Top Tips for a Successful Home Search in Pacific Heights

Top Tips for a Successful Home Search in Pacific Heights

  • Charles Jacob
  • 06/19/24

Top Tips for a Successful Home Search in Pacific Heights

Spring is looming, you’re on board with current interest rates, and you feel like it may be time for a change of scenery. Maybe you need more space or just want to lay down roots in a different neighborhood. Where do you begin with it all? Here are some top tips for a successful home search in Pacific Heights.

Be Completely Preapproved for a Loan

In a competitive market like Pacific Heights, being preapproved for a loan is crucial. You may find yourself in a situation where buyers are waiving contingencies to stand out. Ensure you’ve submitted all required documents to your lender and consult with them about your options. Understanding whether you can waive a loan or appraisal contingency can give you an edge.

Know What You Can—and Can’t—Afford

Work with your agent to study comparable sales and understand where your budget will take you. For example, if you’re looking for a three-bedroom house, know the average price for that type of home in Pacific Heights. If your purchasing power falls short, consider expanding your search area. Review sales of homes you would have considered buying and ensure your budget aligns with your preferences.

Don’t Get Sucked Into List Price Lures

San Francisco's real estate market often sees homes listed at lower prices only to sell for much more. If you’re preapproved for up to $1.5 million, look at homes listed below that amount. The exact amount lower will depend on the neighborhood and other factors. Focus on the realistic value range of a property rather than its list price.

Decide What Your True Purchase Price Max Is

Be prepared for counteroffer situations where you might need to increase your purchase price to secure the home. Know your maximum purchase price to negotiate effectively. Understand how an additional $50,000 or $100,000 could impact your mortgage payments. Discuss these scenarios with your lender to avoid last-minute surprises.

Be Willing to Make Trade-offs and Compromises

Finding the “perfect” home is rare. Be ready to weigh the pros and cons and determine what compromises you can live with. For instance, if you need parking and find a condo with tandem parking, it might not be ideal but could be workable if the condo also offers in-unit laundry, low HOA dues, and outdoor space. Recognize that San Francisco properties are unique and come with quirks that require careful consideration.

Sit Out Offer Situations Where You Probably Don’t Have a Chance

If your agent tells you that a property you love has 30 disclosure packages out, it may be wise to sit that one out unless you can bid significantly and waive all contingencies. Constantly losing out on properties can be discouraging. Trust your agent to guide you toward offer situations where you have a better chance of success.

Searching for a home in Pacific Heights can be a challenging but rewarding process. By following these tips and working closely with your agent and lender, you can navigate the competitive market with confidence and find a home that meets your needs and desires. Happy house hunting!

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